Lattice Cherry Red

Lattice Hay Field

Lattice Cornflower Blue

Lattice Pebble Grey

Lattice Pear Tree Green

Lattice Hellebore

Dee Hardwicke Flooring Range with Harvey Maria

As an artist and designer with a love of working with a variety of materials, I am always exploring how my designs can evolve with new products. My desire to create designs that would lend themselves to beautiful, contemporary flooring lead me to the door of Harvey Maria. The creative team at Harvey Maria share my love of colour, pattern and the desire to make practical spaces both functional and beautiful. Working closely with the team was inspiring, enjoyable and felt like a natural extension to my studio work.


I am endlessly inspired by the natural landscape - each season bringing a fresh palette of colours, textures, patterns and exciting new ideas. My sketchbooks are filled with drawings, watercolours, pressed leaves and flowers and it’s often the tiniest of details that plants the seeds of a design.


Lattice was inspired by the petals of small flowers that had scattered amongst the grass of a field that lay along the path near my home. It was the delicacy of these little flowers and the rhythmic pattern they made on the grassy field that inspired the Lattice design - the colours of the surrounding fields, gardens, allotments and lush covered mountains inspired the Lattice colour palette.

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